Manual lever chain hoists

Manual Lever Chain Hoists Details:

Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Pawell
Power Source: Lever
Usage: Construction Hoist
Sling Type: Chain
OEM and ODM: Allowed

Description of Manual Lever Chain Hoists:

1.  Manually lever chain hoist is safe, reliable, and durable in use. It has overload protection, emergency brake and other safety system.
2. This Manual Lever Chain Hoist is widely used in lifting, transmitting goods. It can best to raise working efficiency and improve working condition.
3. Manually lever chain hoist has advanced structure and attractive appearance.

Precaution about Manual Lever Chain Hoist:

Before using the chain hoist, please inspect the hook to see whether it is securely attached center load on the bottom hook correctly. When you use the Manual Lever Chain Hoists, please don't overload, don't use foot to apply pressure to the lever. After using the chain hoist, please don't rough handing. By doing above precaution, that will make Manual Lever Chain Hoists has long using lifetime.

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