Lifting Slings and Straps

Lifting Slings and Straps Details:

Application: Polyester Strap for Lifting, Manual Packing
Place of Origin: Florida, USA
Material: Polyester
OEM: Available for Custom Lifting Straps
Standard: EN 1492-1:2000
Lifting Eye Type: Flat Eye

Lifting Slings and Straps Introduce:

Lifting Slings and Straps have been widely used in tying down loads transporting, shifting or moving them. Nowadays, polyester sling lifting straps have replaced traditional jute ropes.
2. Durable and versatile Lifting Sling and Straps, the polyester cargo webbing is extremely strong, while lightweight.
3. Weight Lifting Straps can protection against hand injuries and cargo surface damage.
4. Polyester Lifting Slings and Straps can save working time, by extremely quick and efficient tie down and release of load.

Lifting Slings and Straps Using Warns:

1. When in using Webbing Sling, please check working position and working load limit, length.
2. When moving webbing sling and goods, please don't drag, don't make the knot, and don't exceed working load limit.
3. When Lifting Slings and Straps are not in using, please store slings in a cool dry and dark place.

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