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PKS Crane Handling System

Load  capacity: Up to 2000 kg

PKS Crane Handling system  can be deployed as flexibly as the individuality of your requirements. This modular system makes it possible to have many different solutions for an ergonomic and efficient working procedure, and is specially adapted to our range of chain hoists.

Modern trolleys with nylon wheels

For smooth, quiet load movements, trolleys with narrow nylon wheels are used which are mounted and secured on ball bearings. Depending on the profile thickness, the trolleys are self-centering or equipped with guide rollers which provide perfect horizontal guidance, even on bends. Because of the modular design, manual trolleys can be combined with electric trolleys at a later date. It is even possible to combine different profile

Modular system

With 2 profile variants,PKS Crane Handling system provides you with load-bearing capacity of up to 2,000 kg. The precise workmanship of the PKS profiles and guide elements makes installation easier, and ensures that the profiles are accurately aligned. Single or double girder cranes, monorail and circular tracks and sophisticated solutions with combinations of straight sections, bends, points and turntables can be quickly implemented.


•  Closed PKS profiles made from high-strength quality steel with powder coating
•  Modular design, easy installation
•  2 sizes for loads up to 2,000 kg
•  Different profiles can be combined
•  Monorails, single or double girder cranes
•  Oscillating mounting
•  Ball-jointed mountings reduce horizontal force on the supporting structure
•  Mountings available in different designs and widths
•  Bolted connections, no welding required
•  Large spans
•  Push-type trolleys for quiet operation
•  Low wear and low abrasion due to use of modern nylon wheels
•  No limit to maximum distance between suspension and butt joint needed up to a load of 1,000 kg!


•  Electric drives with pole changing or infinitely variable
•  Wide range of different mountings
•  4 different power supplies available, external or internal
•  Freestanding steel gantries
•  Hot-dip galvanised profiles for special ambient

PKS Profiles Technical Parameters

Type Load-bearing
capacity up to
up to 90°
conductor line
PKS30 2000 120 x 180 19.11 × ×    
PKS40 2000 124 x 245 28.88 × × × ×

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