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Lifting Slings

Webbing slings, round slings, cargo lashing...
Lifting slings come in a variety of designs, fabrications and sizes for a number of lifting and rigging jobs. From chain lifting slings,wire rope rigging slings, industrial lifting straps, overhead crane slings and cargo slings for heavy duty uses, to nylon lift all straps and polyester round slings for lighter weight applications, you’ll find the lifting equipment you need at US Cargo Control.

All lifting slings can be put into three basic categories -- chain, wire rope and textile. When you are deciding which type to use, consider the lifting capacity and how the sling will be attached to the load. Chain, wire rope and textile slings come in a variety of styles and it is important to know the differences of each to properly select the sling that is best suited for the job.

Light, flexible and reliable. Round slings and lifting slings are the optimum alternative to a chain in many applications. Their low weight, high flexibility and clear load capacity classification thanks to standardised colour codes are just some of the benefits offered by these technically sophisticated products.

1.100% high tenacity polyester
2. Single ply or double ply
3. With reinforced lifting eyes
4. Low elongation
5. Length available: 1m to 20m
6. Safety factor available: 5: 1, 6: 1, 7: 1
7. Production standard according to EN1492-1: 2000
8. Reduce the chance of damage when lifting objects with polished, soft, or painted finishes.

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