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JIB Crane System

Column Type JIB Crane / Wall Type JIB Crane
A jib crane is a type of crane that has its horizontal member (jib or boom) either wall-mounted or floor-mounted. The jib supports a removeable hoist. Jib cranes are employed in industrial processes and on military vehicles. The jib may rotate through an arc, to give additional lateral movement, or be fixed.

For the sake of safety, the weight of a jib crane must be considered in relation to the load-bearing capacity of the ground on which it is installed. Similarly, overhead obstructions, such as power lines, must be identified, and safe headroom must be delimited with bunting, if necessary.

Jib cranes are useful especially for loading or unloading of workpieces on machine tools.
These are also useful for loading or unloading of trucks. They can also become an inseparable part of a standalone workstation and machine assembly area.

1. Easy operation and installation
2. It is superior in the cases of short distance concentrated lifting.
3. Running smoothly and operating safety
4. Shorten loading time, improve work efficiency
5. It can be used to match with single or double speed electric hoist and chain hoist
6. High quality with good price

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